Monday, December 1, 2014

Argentina 2014 Centenary of first indirect blood transfusion in the Americas

The Argentina post celebrates the centenary of the first indirect blood transfusion in the Americas with a stamp issued on 10 November 2014. Dr Luis Agote performed the operation using sodium citrate to prevent the coagulation of the collected blood, on 9 November 1914, and announced his feat via the leading Buenos Aires newspaper, “LaPresna”, instead of reporting it in a medical journal; whereas Dr Richard Lewisohn of Mt Sinai Hospital in New York reported 2 cases in which he used citrate of soda for transfusion, 2 months later in the 23 January 1915 issue of the “New York Medical Record”, The fact is that Albert Hustin, a Belgian surgeon, used sodium citrate and glucose as an anticoagulant for blood transfusion on 17 March 1914 at the St Jens Hospital in Brussels.

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